Health and Safety Checklist for Supermarket and Food Retail Stores Cleaning

July 12th, 2018

Supermarkets and food retail stores are continually in the process of cleaning, as cleaning efforts are complicated because of the need to ensure that not only all areas are maintained to meet the highest cleaning standards, but also that there is no chance that customers and employees are at risk from slipping and falling. There […]

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Office Cleaning for a Fresher Ambiance Using Sustainable Cleaning Materials

June 27th, 2018

A clean office helps keep employees healthy because it prevents the spread of illnesses by limiting their exposure to pathogens and infectious agents. By reducing the chances of employees getting sick, a company can limit sick leaves and increase productivity significantly, especially if sustainable cleaning materials are used. What happens when you use non-sustainable cleaning […]

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Emergency Clean-Up Services in Melbourne: When Flood and Other Natural Disasters Happen

June 8th, 2018

Melbourne is no stranger to flooding and natural disasters, and although the best intended and funded precautions have been taken, flood and water damage is an ever growing problem. Unexpected flooding can not only cause expensive water damage, but remaining water and its residue can be hazardous to human health. Flood water can contain all […]

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Commercial High Pressure Cleaning and Its Benefits

May 24th, 2018

When it comes to commercial cleaning today, it is hard to imagine not having hot pressure washers available, as these are a truly essential to keep equipment and flooring clean. Hot water high pressure cleaning has many benefits, as the heat of the water accelerates the cleaning process. In fact, besides the high pressure stream […]

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Office Cleaning Checklist that Works Best for Employees

May 10th, 2018

There are many aspects of running a successful business, such as accounting, inventory, marketing and sales, but one area that definitely cannot be overlooked is the health and well-being of employees – the real source of a business’s success. It is the employees of companies that are the main reason profit exists, without them few […]

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Benefits of Green Cleaning and Maintenance for Retail Shops and Supermarkets

April 30th, 2018

Professional green cleaning and maintenance is an important factor in providing the ideal shopping atmosphere in retail shops and supermarkets today. Not only are you being kind to the environment by including this, but you also will attract more customers as they discover you care about their health and overall well-being. What you need to […]

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Quality Floor Restoration Works in Melbourne: When and Why You Need It?

April 12th, 2018

Since your hard floors receive a lot of daily foot traffic, they will soon start showing signs of wear and tear. As a result, they will look dull, have scratches or suffer from other issues that require attention to return them to their ideal condition and appearance. Luckily, our company of Just Cleaning National provides […]

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Benefits of Using Microfiber Cleaning Products and Chemical-Free Cleaning Agents

March 28th, 2018

Today, companies across this country are switching over to green cleaning methods to ensure that their buildings are as sanitary and eco-friendly as possible. To perform these methods efficient, you must use the right tools and solutions since the traditional ones are not always environmentally friendly. What you need to use are microfiber cleaning products, […]

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Health and Safety Cleaning Checklist for Retail and Commercial Cleaning Services

March 20th, 2018

To ensure that your building is both clean and safe for use, you should follow a checklist to be certain that all of the necessary tasks are carried out in an optimal manner. If you are unsure of what this list needs to include, we offer you the following health and safety cleaning checklist for […]

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All-Around Commercial Cleaning Services in Melbourne: What The Best Commercial Cleaners Should Offer

February 28th, 2018

When planning how to keep your commercial building clean and sanitary, you should weigh all of your options and select the ideal one for your needs. After analysing how much it will cost you to hire a janitorial staff in comparison to the cost outsourcing to a professional company, though, we are certain that you […]

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